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Welcome to The Jerusalem Bride Church

We greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ, who is Lord and Saviour and our soon coming King! As the word of God says it is indeed good and pleasant for brethren to dwell together in unity; so we urge you to visit us in Arima, in the isle of Trinidad and Tobago for an enriching time of fellowship in the presence of the Lord. The Senior Elder, Apostle Ian Brown and his wife, Sandi Brown encourage you to stand fast in this season, looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of your faith that you might be found worthy and acceptable as the first-fruits of Christ.

  • The call goes out for true believers to shed complacent lifestyles in order to lay hold on the great and precious promises of our King. This is the season for the Lord to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh, therefore we urge you saints to be on fire for Him. Let our hearts be strong toward the Lord that we might know what is the depth and height of the knowledge of God and be filled with all of His fullness.

  • With this in mind, let us go unto perfection as we press toward the mark of the high calling in Christ Jesus. We urge you to lay aside those things that so easily beset you, that we all might be found ready at the coming of our Lord.

  • We command peace and blessings upon your soul and may you be increasingly enriched and edified in the knowledge of The Lord Jesus Christ.

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Occupy Till Jesus Comes


The aforementioned seeks to highlight the guidelines through our understanding of  the steps required for you to be successful in Christ, i.e. walking worthy of the Lord and well pleasing  to Him (Eph.4:1; Col.1:10 &1Th.2:12). This document wouldn’t tell you specifically what your purpose in God is, but would guide you, as He reveals new information through your own accurate position of watching and praying (Hab.2:1; ) with your heart, mind, love and strength set towards Him.


Sunday 18th January 2015, Prophetic Word of The Lord

  • Published in Features

I take pleasure in the Praise of My children; it is in true worship that My spirit is manifested in your presence in a greater way. Sing praise unto me out of a pure heart; I can see your travail, your pain. When you praise Me in sincerity I shall deliver you. I try the hearts of all men and reward them according to the desires that they submit to. When you submit to lust and temptation you will receive torment and great travail.


Sunday 4th January 2015, Prophetic Word of The Lord

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When My fear comes many will call out to Me but I will not hear; I have given you My words to live by, in them you will find the strength that you need. Your love will be tested as your faith will be tested. You must walk in the fulness of My grace, without which your faith will fail. Pray that your faith fails not, seek Me with all of your heart and I shall give you the strength and power you need for this season. Now is the time to rise up to what I have called you to; for this is the time of My judgement.